A few new things to take note of!!

A few new things to take note of - 1) New montages!!! I am taking a break from working on my next solo CD to work on some long-awaited and much requested Suburban Gypsies projects. The slideshow montages (right on the front/homepage) are taken from a TON of pictures in my vault set to some live Suburban Gypsies songs that we recorded for a couple of cassettes that were available in the 90's (more on that below). I featured each one of the band members (including myself obviously) in three of the montages backed by a song that that particular person sang (like Eric singing "Volcano" - that montage features photos of him) and so forth. Over the years, (including up to recently), I've had people asking about the Gypsies and what an amazing time that was, so I figured I'd share some of our photos - live and on the road. 2) Old Suburban Gypsies cassettes now available for purchase on CD!! As stated previously, I've had people asking me over the years whatever became of the old Suburban Gypsies cassettes that we recorded back in the 90's - and how can they be acquired?? Well, I've combined the two cassettes, "Standing Room Only" and "Still Standing" and made them available on one CD - You can purchase them when you see me at any of my live solo shows, or online using a credit card (it is totally secure). Only $15.00 for 19 songs! Due to time constraints for fitting all the songs on one CD, I had to leave a couple of songs off - but rest assured, all of the BEST ones are on it!! To purchase online - click on the "Merchandise" link to your right -------->

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