1. This Room

From the recording This Room


Is nothing sacred anymore??!! ;)
Nope, I'm not giving it up on this one.


I turned the key to my room
Going back to the time when I was with you
Now I look in the mirror and I pray
To see the same reflection of the very first day
You knocked on my door I knew you would stay
And from that moment on things would never be the same
In this room

This time I'm alone
Staring at the walls and the silence of the phone
Looking at the river now
Standing at the rail until the early hours
The next thing I knew I'd wake to your kiss
Never thinking of the things I thought I'd never miss
In this room

They say things come full circle
So why does my head let my heart fall behind

As I take another drink
My hand begins to shake the moment I begin to think
Now I close my eyes and fall into this bed
Hoping that the memories of you will leave my head
But I see you here lying next to me
Just a ghost of what we had I know I'll have to leave
In this room

I turn my face to the sky
Stars were so much brighter before we said goodbye
If I could wish upon just one of them tonight
I'd wish for all the times you were holding me tight
I know all those things I'll never have again
All my laughter and my tears are coming to an end
In this room

Music and lyrics by Mia Montenegro ~ Copyright 2005 ~ Lyrics used with permission