From the recording I Wanna Go South


The title pretty much says it all - I truly feel that I am, or my soul is that of a displaced southerner. Although having been made in Canada and born and raised in Wisconsin, I have NEVER liked the snow or cold, and if I never saw a snowflake fly ever again, my heart would not stop rejoicing. And while the Midwest does have its moments and places of beauty, my heart and soul truly belong under a live oak tree where the green never changes. I feel that my soul and creativity are suffocating by my living here. Then why do I stay? Most of my family is here, and to me that is most important, but rest assured that I will definitely not remain here forever, so until that time comes, I guess I'll just have to keep writing songs about it like this one.


Things are starting to change
I need a change of scenery
I don't like who I am
Or what these feelings mean to me
I'll get in my car
But I don't know just where to go
Maybe jump in the river but rise above the undertow
I'll be seeing you around
I won't let anything get me down

'Cause I wanna go south
I need to get away from here
I wanna go south
Oh take me there
I wanna go south
And get the hell outta here

Every minute every day
I get this feeling inside
As everything is coming down
I wanna run away and hide
As the weather turns cold
So does everyone around
I'm so sick of this place
Just get me outta this town
I'll be seeing you around
I won't let anything get me down


When I'm finally there
I can rest and catch my breath
No more running around
Or working closer to my death
I'll work everything out
I know I'll get back on my feet
And when I do my soul
will no longer be in need
I'll be seeing you around
I won't let anything get me down end

Music and lyrics by Mia Montenegro ~ Copyright 2005 ~ Lyrics used with permission