1. Again

From the recording Again


One of the older songs on the album - I think I wrote it in 1992. You know when you're convinced that you've long been over someone or a particular relationship and then all of a sudden - BAM!! - someone or something, it could be a song, a smell, or in this case a season that brings it all back and you're thinking about that person or "that time of the year again," and subsequently being mad at yourself for allowing the intrusion into your psyche happen.


I can't believe that it's that time of the year again
I can't believe that it's coming around here again
I can't believe that I'm seeing your face again
I can't believe you're invading my head again

I watch the sunrise while the clouds are moving over
I watch the flowers grow and I am feeling older
I see the earth changing I thought I was changing too
The hotter it gets the more I feel I should be losing you


I must bring myself to think of all the good to come
I must forget about all the damage you have done
All of these surroundings now will change when I look outside
The year ahead of me won't be the year I run and hide

And oh my soul won't you rescue me
From the pain of this season
Won't you please carry me

Now the hope will fill up all the emptiness
Positivity will overcome the hatefulness
All these things that I'm feeling will disappear
I'll leave them behind with the memories of that year


CHORUS….to end

Music and lyrics by Mia Montenegro ~ Copyright 2005 ~ Lyrics used with permission