1. Guilty

From the recording Guilty



I kept your secret for too many months now
You’re the one I protected from the things we would do
And how we used to meet and how we would play all night
You were the hero and I was the fool
You made me lie when I didn’t want to
And then someone had seen us and I knew the end was near

You had to run feeling guilty
Afraid that you might want to stay with me
So I wish you luck feeling guilty
And hope you find peace with yourself

All of the passion out of control
The way we surrendered weak in our souls
But now I am the one left here and I will sing
We were together under the stars
And then I was thinkin’ it’s gone too far
So now who will it be who has the strength to leave


And now that it’s over I hope you will see
That hiding your feelings showed that you cared for me
If anyone knows well they didn’t hear it from me

CHORUS….to end

Music and lyrics by Mia Montenegro ~ Copyright 2005 ~ Lyrics used with permission