From the recording The Ones We Left Behind


I think the story speaks for itself - no need to elaborate on this one....

Waking up next to you what would people say
If they were to find out we'd been carrying on this way
Afraid to let my feelings show and seeing looks that kill
Never wanting this to end but scared to death it will

So we put up a front
Going on as we do and acting as we must

I'm still thinking of the ones we left behind
While you're here with me
Even though right now I'm the one that's on your mind
I hope what we have will be around a long time

Everything around us tells of thing we shouldn't do
Being far away from home and seeing only you
You have someone else at home waiting there alone
I'm in a similar situation but feelings have grown

So we pretend we don't care
Hiding any feelings that might be there


Every night we go on I look at you
We're the only ones who know all the things we do
Once again the night falls and I fall into your bed
Hoping no one hears us and anything we've said

So we put up a front
Going on as we do and acting as we must

CHORUS….to end

Music and lyrics by Mia Montenegro ~ Copyright 2005 ~ Lyrics used with permission