1. Movin' On

From the recording Movin' On


This song is about when the inevitable is about to happen and you know in your gut that you're right. You just want the other person to come out and say it instead of feeling that way for what seems like an eternity.


I've got this uneasy feelin' again
Won't ever leave my mind
As this new love is comin' to an end
All these worries I'm beginning to find

But I can't wait forever
The distance now is tearin' me apart
I can't hold on forever
I need to know so I can tell my heart

And I'll be movin' on oh
So that my heart can carry on
I'll be movin' on oh
Now that my love is finally gone

Now there's a road that I've traveled down before
Seems I've lost my way this time
As my tears stated fallin' to the floor
The memories started playin' in my mind

Waiting for tomorrow
When thoughts of you won't hurt like today
Take away my sorrow
Then I'll forget you're so far away


I will keep hoping for the day
You?ll be in my arms one more time
And then I'll know that I've finally found my way
All these worries won't be in my mind


CHORUS...to end

Music and lyrics by Mia Montenegro ~ Copyright 2005 ~ Lyrics used with permission