From the recording In These Clouds


Despite the "distance" and "longing" aspects of this song, this really is a happy, positive song. It's about being apart, but then being reunited, and how one's soul does take over to get through the periods of separation.
Scene Two - "I'd Give Anything."


I can't get over this feeling
The one I feel with you
I know I said I'd never feel this way again
My heart is pounding through and through
But you're a million miles away now
And my heart is here alone
My soul will take over
I will recover on my own

Flying high in these clouds
My heart surrenders to the earth and the sounds
Here with you in these clouds
I'll stay forever in this peace that surrounds

It's taken so long to reveal
The love I had long ago
Someone else was playin' with my heart back then
It's been years but now I know
You won't be gone forever
And my heart will learn to heal
If it takes eternity I'll still be waiting here
You will know how much I feel


Now I'm laying here beside you
And my heart will never sleep
Those million miles are far away now
This insecurity won't keep end

Music and lyrics by Mia Montenegro ~ Copyright 2005 ~ Lyrics used with permission