Meeting Howard Jones

I had the great pleasure of seeing Howard Jones on his acoustic tour that he's on right now with only him on piano and Robin Boult on guitar. As some of you are aware, I am not one of those people who fall into fads and passing trends - if I like someone's music and musicianship, I follow and support their career continually, no matter how long or what phases it takes. Most people remember Howard Jones as an electronic-pop 80's icon. Yes, he was that, but I have continually followed his career for 23 years, so it was an absolute dream to see this acoustic performance as well as being able to meet him. I first saw him live in 1985, so I brought along a picture I took of him during that performance back then. I have a few pictures of me and Howard after the show that I just uploaded to the PHOTOS section to your right - look for it under the header - "Mia and some famous people." ----->

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