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Mia Montenegro: Guestbook

Mia Montenegro

January 6, 2011

The text below translated from Portuguese -
Hello, my name is Anderson from Brazil.
I saw your picture with David Phelps ... very nice ... The Gaither Vocal Band will travel to Brazil in April ... opportunity ...
Big hug ...


January 6, 2011

Olá, meu nome é anderson sou do Brasil.
Vi sua foto com David Phelps...muito legal...o Gaither Vocal Band virá ao Brasil em Abril...oportunidade única...
Grande abraço...

Bill Pelrine

September 18, 2010

Just fantastic. The song you said you had recorded but it wasn't on the CD . . . it should be; heck, it was so good you could build another entire CD around it. Definitely a great anthem song for you. If you ever need a lead guitarist (who'd play for free or cheap for ya!), give me a call. We play at the Cup a lot also. Anyhow, thank you for a great evening of music; you're a great writer and performer. Peace, Bill Pelrine

jen paradies

January 13, 2010

just wana say that I've been listening to your cassette tapes since I was a kid and you're awesome! reminds me of simpler times and a simpler life. I'm still rocking out to ya while I'm here stationed in Korea and will when I go down range to Afghanistan... keep rockin out and I'll always keep rockin right along side... thanks for the awesome music... it's a shame that good music is becoming so few and far between... you got it!

Michael D Koehler

June 25, 2008

just came across this searching for stryper pics! Very cool! God Bless!

Keri Tessmer

June 8, 2007

I miss you and the Pioneer Inn!!!

David Erdmann

October 4, 2006


I don't know if u remember me, I was totally into u guys with Suburban Gypsies, and I always ran into u. I now live in MN, after a brief move to Texas. I fell in and out of love with a singer in Texas like yourself. Life in MN is great, and I just thought I'd see if I get a hit when I typed in your name.
Hope your music is going well, as mine is. I am trying out for a church with 1000 or more members, and hope to land a gig with those guys. I am a much better guitar player now, partly thanks to the inspiration u guys gave me.

I want to say, You Rock Girl.

If u want to email me, my email is

Nice to see your website. and talk soon.

Your friend David.


July 14, 2006

Mia, I saw you jamming at the Steaming cup tonight. You were amazing. . . Pulled me right off the street. Made my apple that much tastier. . . Looking forward to next time!


Jeff Koenig

June 2, 2006

Hey there Mia, Checkin out the music and really enjoy "Keep me Alive" Nice tune! Much respect and Grace to you, Jeff


May 5, 2006

I just was listening to some of the old Sub Gyps stuff on your site. Miss those days of you, Mykl & Eric and the time you spent in GB. Also, just read of your Mom's passing. So sorry to hear about that. Take care.


February 2, 2006

Hey there! Saw you at the Coffee House last Friday, you were awesome! Hope to see you there again soon!


June 23, 2005

Mia, So sorry to hear of your moms passing..we miss your music ..hope to see you around soon!

Lou and Rena

April 7, 2005

Hi Mia!
We really like the layout of your new website! Hope to be able to stop by and see you on 4/15--tell Charlie to bring my sweatshirt!!!!! See you then!


March 30, 2005

Hello Mia. I have listened to your music for a very long time. I have followed your music and the Orphans for more years then I can remember. I have been living in Colorado for a while now, and I am hoping to be back in Wisconsin this summer. Please keep up the good work, god your music just moves me beyond words. I have shared it with many friends all over the country and spread it up to Canada and even to France lol. I wanted to know if you have ever heard of Beth Hart. Check out her stuff when you can I think you might like it. Take care Mia..


February 2, 2005

Hey Mia
Great site! I love the font. Keep me posted on your gig dates and times.

Niamh Corcoran

January 21, 2005

I've looked through some of the website and it is very interesting so far.

Keep up the good work,

Cindy Van Vreede

January 12, 2005

Props to your new site!!!! Now I can listen to you at work.