This song was recorded live at Cactus Jack's (one of our homebases back in the day), for our second live cassette entitled "Still Standing" back in November of 1994. It features the ORIGINAL Suburban Gypsies line-up of -

Mia - Vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion
Eric Kiefer - Vocals, lead acoustic and electric guitar
Mykl Stanley - Vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion

* Note to the "music elitists" out there - please keep in mind that these were LIVE recordings that we really only had one take for, so we were fully aware that there were times when we might not have sounded our "best," but hey - we had a really great time back then, and so did our audiences! (Oh yeah, and as I recall there may have been a wee bit more imbibing in those days as well! ;)