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Mia Montenegro: Links

Mia Montenegro

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CD Baby
Get your indie fix! CD Baby not only sells my CD, but offers an infinite number of phenomenal independent artists' music for sale - there is NO BETTER web site out there that does what CD Baby does - Check 'em out!
Stephanie Miller
I HIGHLY recommend that you stream her online or download some of her show's clips!! She is the BEST, most hilarious morning radio talk show host out there today - check her out!
Poppin' On Broadway
Poppin' On Broadway is THE BEST gourmet popcorn shop in Wisconsin - check them out the next time you're in Waukesha.
The Steaming Cup
The Steaming Cup is Waukesha's most popular coffeeshop/cafe located in the historic downtown district of the city. Make sure to frequent them anytime of the year whether or not I'm performing there - they are THE BEST!! (I highly recommend their Mango Smoothies and any version of a turkey sandwich)
For indies, garage bands and the like - just check it out - it's pretty cool!
Martin Guitar
The ONLY guitar worth playing! (Okay, there are a few select Taylors and Gibbies out there that are acceptable, but these are my babies.)
Lung Cancer Alliance
Please check out the lung cancer alliance website and donate! Advocacy, advocacy!!
Operation Smile
David Phelps
Official website for the INCOMPARABLE christian pop tenor.
1st Brigade Band
The 1st Brigade Band is an AWESOME authentic Civil War military band from right here in Wisconsin. They are excellent musicians and they play only authentic instruments (restored) from the 19th century. Read more about their story and history - and make a point to catch one of their performances soon!
Oasis CD
Awesome singer/songwriter, acoustic-friendly CD manufacturing and duplication company. If you have a project that needs mastering or duplicated - Oasis is it!

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